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She Wolf XII: Midnight Trance

Added: 11/10/2023 l Length: 14:27 l



INCLUDES: Transformation: (fur, spine, claws/hand prosthetic, eyes, fangs, tail) It's a humid August evening, 8 minutes until midnight when the full moon shines the brightest in the black sky. Mandy enters her bedroom, she inhales deeply and looks at the antique grandfather clock. The ticking soothes her, she feels the transformation nearing to her. She walks to the window, mesmerized by the moonlight, she peels back the gauzy curtain and soaks in the amber moon. The moonlight illuminates her beautiful face as she closes her eyes, satisfied. The old clock chants soothingly to her, she is aware of what horror the transformation can bring, but she appreciates the predictable whisper of time. She lays flat on the bed and waits for the change to come, she inhales and exhales deeply. Mandy has been changing on the full moon of every month since she was a girl, and she knows how predictably safe the darkness can be. She welcomes the change. The minute hand drops heavy, and echoes in her ear, and she feels the jolt of the first change. She sweats, her chest falls up and down, coordinating with the ticking of the clock. She looks to the window, her eyes plead with the moon for a painless change. "Please.. please.." she chants from within. Her muscles tense inside of her body, they grow larger, her thin frame becomes strong. Her breasts become very full, popping the button on her blouse, ripping the material as if it was made from tissue. Her feet begin to grow and her toes meld together. She curls her toes as she feels every muscle shocked, shred, and modify as she becomes the beast. Claws emerge from her feminine hands, they grow black long, and meld into a wolf's paw. The sweaty pores of her skin begin to grow hair, down her sternum, up from her legs and arms, she squints her eyes as she scowls at the moon. The time and moon is unforgiving as they work together to transform her into a dark, sexual beast. Juices flow from her vagina, wetting her panties, her labia swells as she bucks her hips up and down. Her spine grows longer testing the strength of her skin. She bites her lip, feeling every bit of the pain and ecstasy, she moans, her teeth grow into fangs. Her warm chocolate brown eyes transform into deep green. The clock continues to taunt her, tick, tock, keeping her on the edge, she whimpers as the wolf. The moonlight illuminates her brand new body, the moon calls to her, and she's ready to play.