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Shehulk Beastwithin

Added: 10/25/2024 l Length: 14:27 l



Attorney, Jennifer Walters, is venting to her boyfriend, Peter, about her day. The prosecutor tried to make a fool of her, he thinks that because she is a woman, she is weak. The Judge and the prosecutor seem to be friendly, and they are making the case very hard for her and her client. Jennifer fumes to Peter, "all I need is to get into the prosecutor's safe, and I will do it. I need to bring out the beast within me." Peter understands and leaves her to take care of business. Jennifer summons the beast within her, she harnesses her rage, she uses it to transform. She reads their thoughts as she transforms, the muscles in her legs swell, her clench, she knows they think she is vulnerable, she scoffs at the idea. She craves revenge as her chocolate brown eyes transform into green, her breasts grow, popping the buttons on her blouse. Her skin starts to turn green, the green travels down her veins, her body is filled with raging gamma . Her feet grow, she stretches her toes as the tension of her professional heels test the strength of the straps. She looks at herself in the mirror as her body continues to transform into the She Hulk. She will break into the safe, and teach the prosecutor and judge a little about the strength of a woman.