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StepDaddy, Im Home!

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~ Custom Ordered Clip ~ INCLUDES: TABOO - BLOWJOB - CUM SWALLOW - PANTY FETISH - COLLEGE GIRL - STEP DAUGHTER - STEP DAD - SCHOOL GIRL - DADDYS GIRL - OLDER MEN - YOUNGER WOMEN - SECRET - CONFESSIONS - FUCKING - XXX HARDCORE - DOGGY STYLE - CUM N MOUTH - CUMSHOT - HANDJOB - Mandy after watching your video "Daddy I Can't Sleep" and reading how this guy had you recreate his experience with his step daughter, it made me feel more confident about proposing this to you. My step daughter is so beautiful, and how I got started with her panties really happened by accident. I was doing laundry when she was in her last year of High School and she had this huge piled up basket of clothes to wash and when I picked it up a pair of her panties literally ended up in my face. The thing was it immediately made me hard, I can't even explain that. I basically volunteered to do the laundry from that day forward and yes, I probably jerked off smelling her panties more times than I can count, but I never tried anything with her, I don't think she ever even had a suspicion. Through her college years when she would come home to visit, I would always do her laundry for her. This is where my fantasy comes in.... So this one visit she is bringing in her laundry and has dropped a pair of panties on the ground by the car. I can't help but to pick them up and put them in my pocket while she isn't looking, problem is she sees me do it. She says nothing at first, but has a funny grin on her face when she takes the rest of the laundry from her car. I immediately excuse myself to go smell my newfound treasure and jerk off quickly, but she knows exactly whats up and quietly walks in to my room to be sure to catch me red handed! I try to deny it, and make some excuses about it, and that's when she says that she has known for a very long time what I did with her panties, and now that she is in college she gets it, even though I am the only dad she has ever known, we're not and it is understandable to her somehow that I have been doing this. She explains that she needs the panties I have in my pocket back, but offers me the ones she has on for me to finish up. Of course I'm embarrassed and still trying to deny, but she pulls up her skirt right there in front of me and takes her panties off, handing them to me. She smiles and tells me to get back to what I was doing, she's going to get her laundry started. After she leaves, I begin again with these panties that are so fresh I feel like my cock might explode as soon as I touch it. Well, she sneaks back in, walks right up to me and says she's going to help me out with some visuals. She bends over on the couch and pulls her skirt up exposing everything for me, and tells me to keep jerking it, she want's to watch. I'm stunned but can't believe my dreams are coming true! After only a minute of this she says fuck it, and tells me she wants to suck my cock. She does amazing, and again, after a short time, says that we aren't related and stands up against the wall with her ass towards me, pulls up her skirt and says "fuck me daddy" with a giggle. We do this for a bit, it is absolutely beautiful. I don't really have an ending, though I know I wouldn't cum inside her so you can surprise me there. So if you could let me know how much this will be and how long until you can, or if you will make it, I would really appreciate that. .....Mandy Flores