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Virgin Self Destruction

Added: 11/20/2023 l Length: 14:27 l


You play the role of a college girl who has asked a nerdy guy from one of her classes to tutor her (video is POV from the nerdy guy). You start off by flirting and seducing the tutor, teasing him as you find out more and more about his love life. As he reveals to you that he hasn't really dated before and that he's still a virgin you realize that you picked out the perfect guy for what you had planned. You explain to him that one time while you were in high school a classmate (describe him as a nerd, loser, etc) asked you out. You humiliated him so badly in front of everyone that he committed s.uicide soon after. The thought of him committing s.uicide got you really turned on and now you have a bit of a fetish for guys k.illing themselves for you.You offer to take your tutor's virginity if he plays along. Assure him it's just a game, that he won't really get hurt. The tutor resists at first but you tease him by stripping down from your casual clothes to some lingerie. You break out a rope and set up a and you tease him into stepping up onto a stool. You put the around his neck and tie up his hands in front of him. At this point you might act as if you are giving him a handjob, tease him with the idea of giving him a blowjob. You explain how hot this is making you, maybe you rub yourself through your panties at the sight of him up on the stool for you. After a short pause you say something like "poor little virgin boy" and kick the stool out from under him. You laugh as he struggles and taunt him about him d.ying as lonely, blue-balled virgin. You get up really close at the end of the clip just before it fades to black as if you are going to kiss him, but then you say something like "poor little virgin doesn't even get a kiss goodbye." INCLUDES:EXECUTRIX, TEASE/DENIAL, FEMDOM POV, COCK TEASE, MIND FUCK, STRIP TEASE