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You Will Get Me Pregnat

Added: 02/03/2018 l Length: 14:27 l


Another bondage POV request. This time you will use me against my will to get pregnant. Same camera angle as the request below in earlier email....

The scene fades from black, to gray, to clear as I am awakening. You are in the room nude and notice I am back. "Hey, welcome back! That sedative wore off just in time. You dont remember your drunken stupor text the other night, do you? You want to break things off after a YEAR of engagement because of another girl and THEN forget and show up here like nothing happened? Well, let me just lay this out for you: I strapped your wrists and ankles with cuffs. I put this luggage tie around your waist to stop you from bucking and ran that little duct tape all the way around your head so no one can hear you. Remember our spring break trip this week? NO ONE is going to miss you for a WEEK. HA! Guess what? For the next week I am going to fuck you over, and over and over so I can get pregnant. Ahh, look how hard you are struggling! Thats really cute tough guy. Your are going NO WHERE!

At this point you climb on top, looking down emotionless, and start slowly, seductively riding on top like having sex and this lasts for a couple minutes (saying anything you want). Toward the end, still riding, you say something like....

"Oh, and by the way between all these fuck sessions, I am going to just hang out, eat, watch tv, or maybe just sit on your face and force you to pleasure me". (Laughing) There you go struggling again, you will just tire yourself out sweetie. Just RELAX. I know you well, I can see on your face your about cum. Good BOYYYYY!" This is the end of the clip and it ends with you looking down and saying "just think, about 40 more cum loads to go. Now, I am going to watch a movie on TV. See you soon!"