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Buzzing Your Manhood

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Custom request. I was hoping you could do a custom clip for me. The clip is pretty pathetic on my part and I'm hoping you can help humiliate me. I really have the urge to be dominated by the man who took my ex girlfriend from me. He works at a barbershop. One of the ones where men go to get very short clippercuts. I was hoping you could do a custom video where you order me to go into the barbershop where he works and ask him to give me a military fade. No guard, down to skin on the back and sides and a #1 on top. You would talk about what it will be like to be helpless while my shaggy hair is buzzed off. He would move my head around and hold my head and the back of my neck. How the hair would be raining down and the clippers running all over my head. You would tell me that when the haircut is over I have to go back every two weeks. Then as soon as I get home I am to jerk off while rubbing the bald back and sides of my head and the stubbly top while imagining him fucking her. Basically I really want him to buzz me down but I don't really have the balls to make it happen myself. I was hoping you could help with that. Mandy Flores
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